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Privacy Statement

All ordering online is done though a secure server! No information will be Sold to third parties!!

All information acquired from our web site from your visits will be used to process orders, manage web site content, promote new and existing

The information gathered helps us better serve our customers needs, by giving us statistical information about your visits.

Examples of what statistical information is acquired by you visiting our site-How many times you visited our site.
-what products were added to a shopping cart.
-what Did you order.
-What products were ordered online.
-What site link referred you to our site.
-What pages have you viewed.
-Information acquired (only if you Order a product).
-This information is only acquired when your order is processed!!
-Your Address
-Your Phone Number
-Your Credit Card Information

These examples do not show all the information acquired.
They are only to explain that information is acquired by our web site and we want you to be aware of our policy.

We may have promotions for the web site and send you an E-Mail. If you have ordered a product. This practice is not meant to be intrusive but to allow you an opportunity to save on our products
or view something new on our web site.

If you have any questions please contact the Webmaster. Or call us at 402-947-1029.